Have Multiple Goal Owners with Goal Contributing

Have Multiple Goal Owners with Goal Contributing

We know that sometimes it takes a concerted effort between a group or people to accomplish goals, so OnStrategy now allows you to assign goal contributors to your items.

 What is Contributing?

OnStrategy now allows more than one team member to own, access, edit, and update goals. This help you create team collaboration to accomplish goals and provides a greater visibility into performance.


How it Works

Where can I use this new feature?

You can activate this feature in two separate sections:

1) In the “Expanded View” during goal creation.



2. In the “Expanded” section of the KPI Update page. 2.png


To use this feature, simply type the name or select a name in the goal contributing field. You may add as many contributors as you like, but the goal must have an assigned owner before you can assign contributors. 


Once an item has assigned contributors, these items will show up on the “contributing” section within the My Focus Card and OnStrategy Mobile. It will also be populated on the Track Performance page.

Important Notes


Goal contributors have full-editing access to the item.

Goal contributors have full-editing access to items they are contributors on. This means the can fully edit the goal, it’s performance measures, update its performance, and assign or un-assign other goal contributors.


You must have a goal owner before you assign contributors.

You will not be able to assign contributors until you have assigned an owner to the goal in the “owner” dropdown.


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