Fiscal Year (FY) Status Enhancement

Fiscal Year (FY) Status:

 Multi-year goals can now have a selected independent status for each year of the goal. This allows you to quickly and easily assign statuses to the individual FY performance of multi-year goals.




 Why is it useful:

Adding this function allows historical FY Status of goals to be displayed in the various reports, functions, and pages within the OnStrategy platform. These include:

  • All downloadable reports
  • Track Performance Page
  • Dashboard
  • KPI Scorecard
  • Gantt Chart


What do I need to do?

To change the status for a goal’s previous time periods, you’ll need to visit the goal update page. There, you can select the status of the goal with the correlating year. Make sure to hit save on each fiscal year status you change. Please note that all future goals will reflect a status of “Not Started”.





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