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The Visual Performance Dashboard is a powerful tool used to monitor and manage your strategy. But, circumstances may not always allow your entire team to have access to it during strategy meetings or conference calls.

Thanks to your feedback, we’re happy to announce that the Visual Performance Dashboard can now be exported. The greater flexibility gives your team the opportunity to have access to your Dashboard performance data even when you can’t login to the platform. 

What is the Exportable Dash?

The Exportable Dashboard provides a complete overview of the Dashboard you’ve selected, including its individual chip’s performance data and supporting goals. It allows you to take the Dashboard beyond the platform without losing any of its context.

You’ll receive and overview page as well as a detailed page for each dash chip in the selected dashboard. See the below example:






How can I use this new function?

Using the new functionality is simple. Simply visit the Dashboard page and click on the new “Print” icon in the top right hand corner of the menu. This will export the dashboard into a PDF format, which can either print or distribute to your team digitally.  




The exported Dashboard will reflect the filter settings you’ve selected. What you see is what you get – the Exportable Dashboard will display the chips you currently see plus their supporting goals. We recommend creating a custom dashboard and narrowing the chips before exporting it.




A couple things to note.

If the dashboard is filtered by Plan to Date, the chips will be shown as Plan to Date and monthly.  If a plan is filtered by fiscal year, the chips will be shown as whatever the tracking frequency of the goal is. 

Depending on the size of your plan, exporting your Dashboard in Plan-To-Date could take several minutes as the file may become very large. 

We hope to add more tips as we use the new feature and, as always, welcome any tips or feedback that you have.

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