Why we don’t support IE 10

Why we don’t support IE 10 (and lower)

The seamless user experience and sleek design of OnStrategy is made possible by using the most recent developments in website construction.   We rely on advanced technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery to make OnStrategy the simplest, quickest and most intuitive strategic planning application on the web.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer (IE) 10 does not support many of the technologies that give OnStrategy its speed, functionality, and responsiveness.  While we could add patches and ad hoc fixes to make OnStrategy work better with IE 10, this would slow things down, increase the likelihood of bugs, and add cost for everybody else. So we’ve made the careful decision to stop supporting IE 10 (and lower) and invest our resources in making OnStrategy the most powerful, efficient and cutting-edge web application possible.

The good news for IE 11/Edge users is that upgrading browsers is simple and free.  You’ll see the advantages of upgrading to a modern browser immediately, and not just with OnStrategy.  Many web applications have outgrown the limitations of IE 10, including some of Microsoft’s own products.

Please follow the links below to access the latest version of popular browsers and start unlocking the wonders of the modern web.  Chrome, Firefox , Safari,  Edge.  OnStrategy recommends Chrome, FireFox and Safari as we experience less browser based restrictions / errors / constraints in functionality.  

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