Weekly Activity Recap keeps your team informed.

Clear communication is a cornerstone in executing efficient and effective strategy. OnStrategy has made it easier than ever to keep your team informed.

 With our Weekly Activity Recap, everyone on your team can receive automatic emails reporting weekly changes to goals that they are responsible for. 

What are Weekly Activity Recaps?

Weekly Activity Recaps are automated emails generated to report changes made by your team members each week to goals you manage or support. These updates can include: 

  • Goals that have been added or deleted
  • Reassignment of goals
  • Progress or changes made
  • Comments that have been added

Weekly Activity Recaps look like this:



What does it do for me?

These updates show your team members a single point summary of what happened during the week, keeping everyone informed and communicating to help reach your strategic goals. 

We’ve come up with a short list of why these updates will benefit your organization: 

  • It’s consistent and timely – Being consistent is vital to success, especially when working with teams of people. Consistent updates will keep the flow of information between your team constant and current. Keeping everyone in the loop allows your team to identify problems as they arise and decide next-action steps. 
  • It’s documented –This is just another tool for your team to document and track work on both an individual and group basis. 
  • It’s relevant – Weekly Activity Recaps are only sent to the individuals that are associated with each goal. This eliminates updates that aren’t applicable to different members of your team.

How do I turn on Weekly Activity Recap? 

Activation is simple; visit the Notifications page in your Strategy Leader’s account section (or talk to your Strategy Leader). 



Find the Weekly Activity Recap section.



Choose which day you want your team to receive the automatic emails and save the settings.



Click here to turn on Weekly Activity Recap for your team.

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