New Customized Terms

You spoke, we listened. After receiving feedback, we’ve made some changes so that OnStrategy is more customizable to meet your needs.

What’s in it for you?

Simplified customized term naming.

Previously, customizing the terms in the Settings panel of your plan was a bit tricky.




We’ve improved this feature, grouping the naming fields to coincide with the different areas of your plan. Instead of filling in a giant list of names, the fields are now broken down into 4 sections, helping you to understand the term context.

Here’s the breakdown:

1)      Organizational Structure

  • Includes  terms used to describe your organizational structure: Organization, Department and Team Member

2)      Plan Components

  • Mission, Core Values, Competitive Advantages, Vision, Implementation, Organizational-Wide Strategies, and Customer Segment.

3)      Perspectives

  • Financial, Customer, Internal/Operational, People and Learning

4)      Plan Levels

  • To delineate the goal cascading structure built in as a best practice in the OnStrategy platform: Strategic Objectives, Organization Goals, Department Goals, Team Member Goals, and Team Member Action Items.

As before, you can change the fields above to reflect whatever terminology best suites your organization. For example, in the perspectives section, you might prefer “consumer” to “customer”.  

Customizable Plan Structure

To better reflect how you want your plan levels to appear, you can now specify the terms used as the goals cascade. For example:

Strategic Objectives > Organization Goals > Department Goals > Team Member Goals > Team Member Action Items


Strategic Objectives > Organization Goals > Division Goals > Department Goal > Team Member Action Item



Basically, you have the freedom to structure these goals as you see fit.

Keep the comments coming

We’re always looking for ways to make OnStrategy better suited to your needs, but we need your continued feedback and comments to do so.

These are just a few changes of many that we’ve made because you requested them. Shoot us an email, drop us a comment , or give us a call; we’ll listen and see if there is any way we can make OnStrategy better for you.

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