Customize your Fiscal Year Start Date

On size doesn’t always fit all – we’ve made a software change so your strategic plan can be more customized to your organization.

What’s changed?

Under the settings panel, you can now customize calendar setting to display calendar or fiscal years.

Now, you can display the following calendar options in your plan:

                -Fiscal Year Starting Month (ex. FY14)

                -Fiscal Year Starting Month (ex. FY15)

                -Both Years (ex. FY 14/15)

                -Calendar Year (ex. 2014)

What’s in it for me?

With this change, your strategic plan can now better reflect the day-to-day flow of your organization. You no longer have to be aware of calendar settings as you move back and forth between your organization and our software – this new consistency will help keep your team on target, helping reach your organization’s goals

How do I activate this new customizable setting?

Click the settings tab in your strategy leader admin panel.



Find and click the “Fiscal Year Display” tab in the settings panel.



Click and select the setting you would like on your plan.



Save the setting



Don’t like a feature? Help us fix it.

We’re constantly looking for ways we can make our software better for you, but we need continued feedback and comments to do so.

If something doesn’t work or you see a change that would benefit you, drop us a comment, shoot us an email, or give us a call. We’ll listen and see if there is any way we can make OnStrategy better for you.

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