Status Icons on the Progress Update Page

Behind the scenes, our team is always looking for ways to make improvements to the OnStrategy. Every change, big or small, is designed with one thought in mind – create an awesome tool for you to create and execute great strategy. Today, we’re rolling out a few improvements to help you manage the performance of your plan.

Status Icons in the Progress Update Menu

Status icons are no stranger to the OnStrategy software, but now they’re leveraged on Progress Update Page to create consistency between the Track Performance Page, Visual Performance Dashboard, KPI Scorecard, Reports, and Strategy Alerts. In short, it helps align the Progress Update menus to the other elements of the software.

When updating a goal or action item in the drop down menu on the Progress Update page, you’ll see the icons that correlates to each status. Adding the icons to the dropdown gives you context and a deeper understanding of the status you are selecting.

How it affects you:

This update doesn’t change any functionality of the software, but it does give you more context when you update your goals or action items. However, there are a few minor things to note:

1) The status of a goal will default to “Not Started” any time before the indicated start date.

2) The status will automatically change to “Off Target” if the goal is past it’s start date and has not been updated.

3) The status of a goal will automatically change to “Critical” if the goal is past its completion date and has not been completely or appropriately updated (i.e. Deferred or Waiting on Someone).




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