Updates to Manage Performance Faster

You spoke and we listened; we are rolling out a few updates to streamline how you interact with the “Performance” section of OnStrategy. Here is a detail overview of what has changed:

The “Performance” navigation now takes you directly to the “Track Performance” page.

Client feedback and analytic data pointed us to redirect the “Performance” navigation to the “Track Performance Page.” Why? It’s one of the most used pages within the platform and key to updating your goals. Being one of the most used pages in OnStrategy, it was a no-brainer to make it more accessible.

A new secondary-navigation within the “Performance” section.

We’ve rearranged the secondary navigation and added a page to the “Performance” section’s sub-navigation. From left to right, here is what is in the new navigation:

  • Track Performance
  • Overview
  • KPI Scorecard
  • Gantt Chart
  • Implementation *NEW*

“Implementation” link in the “Performance” secondary navigation.

Implementation calendars help build the cadence and accountability necessary for successful strategy. The OnStrategy platform already included an implementation calendar, we’ve just improved its visibility within the performance section. Adding this functionality keeps your implementation schedule front-of-mind.

“My Focus” on the “Track Performance” page has been removed and replaced with a “View My/View All” toggle.

The “View My/View All” gives you the ability to toggle between goals you’re responsible for and all goals within your plan. The “View My” toggle has the same logic as the “My Focus” toggle did, except it now includes items marked deferred.

Items you can’t edit no longer have the pencil icon next to them.

Goals that you do not have permission to edit no longer have the pencil icon next to them. Instead, the box is empty.

You can filter to include parent goals.

If you want to filter your goals to see their parent goals, simply click the “Include Parents” in the “Filter by” function. It allows you to see how your items support the performance of higher level goals within the plan.

Questions? Feedback? We’re always here to talk.

Do you have any questions about these updates? Or do you have feedback you’d like to submit for future feature updates? Give us a call at 775-747-7407 or email us at We’re always looking for ways to improve our platform or to help get your plan into execution faster.


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